About Us

Verify Vetting Solutions provides premium background screening services with unmatched quality and customer service.  Verify recognizes the value of extra ordinary services and delivers consistent high end screening to clients that are treated as business partners.

Verify takes the guess work out of how to conduct pre-employment screening and provides clients with knowledge to make informative business decisions.  Verify provides screening solutions that are simple, straight forward, and legally compliant. Plus, Verify is the only screening service that can offer behavioral analysis interviews that provides insight that no background check can deliver.  Some of Verify’s clients include CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, public safety agencies, and celebrities within the entertainment industry.

Derron McDuffee created Verify after horrific assaults in the daycare industry and determined that the background screening of the teachers were woefully and unspeakably inadequate. With a child of his own in daycare and with a passion to protect those that can’t protect themselves, Derron was on a mission to develop a comprehensive background screening product that was budget friendly. Derron has over 23 years of in law enforcement and intelligence experience with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency. He is formally trained as a CIA polygraph examiner specializing in the psychophysiological detection of deception.