Behavioral Analysis Interview

Sometimes background checks just are not enough for the employer that wants the best of the best.  Verify’s proprietary interview techniques elicits derogatory and noteworthy information that record checks just do not capture.  The results of Verify’s Behavioral Analysis Interviews (BAI) have been absolutely amazing – protecting employers from making a catastrophic hire and increasing their return on investment when onboarding new employees.  Verify’s BAI is like a polygraph but without the wires and false positives.  Consider adding a BAI to your screening package if you need and expect the best! Verify’s BAI covers multiple topics, including but not limited to:

•    Detected and Undetected Criminal Behaviors

•    Illegal Drug Use

•    Employee Theft and Fraud

•    Crimes Against Children/Elderly/Disabled

•    Employment History

•    Employer Policy Violations (Known and Unknown)

•    Education

•    Civil Actions

•    Driving History

•    Computer and PED Use/Misuse

•    Confidentiality