A thoroughly vetted, diverse team of young professionals smiling and laughing in a meeting.


Success starts with putting a great team together.  You need to hire the best to be the best. Let Verify screen your  employees to increase your company’s potential.

Trustworthy, man and woman professional emergency medical technicians checking a young female patient on a gurney at the back of an ambulance.

public service

Citizens demand police officers and firefighters be highly skilled and dedicated professionals. An outstanding employee screening process is the first step.  Verify’s background checks with a Behavioral Analysis Interview easily meets the needs of a government agency wanting to only hire the best.  Adding the BAI places the appropriate amount of intense screening your agency needs.

Parents can trust this young woman babysitter playing on the floor with a crawling infant.

In-Home Companies

All home owners experience some level of anxiety when they invite others in their homes to make repairs or to take care of their children. Companies that deal in plumbing, home healthcare, appliance repair, painters and babysitters can alleviate that anxiety by conducting background checks on their employees. Verify will also provide you a Background Record Check that you can email or text to the homeowner prior to your employee’s arrival at the home. It is a piece of mind for the homeowner and a great marketing tool for your business.

Fully vetted and trusted chauffeur in a suit and tie helping a smiling, professional woman out of a car with private jet and trusted pilot in the background.

Private Service

High net worth individuals expect excellent service, safety, and privacy. Make sure all the Principal’s staff (estate managers, chefs, chauffeurs, nanny, butlers, housekeepers) are properly screened through Verify’s background checks and behavioral analysis interviews.

Trusting, female patient is smiling at a young, female, african-american nurse who is assisting her dress in a nursing home setting.

Daycare & Nursing Home

Most daycares and nursing homes are only required to conduct a felony conviction record check from the state in which the business is located. What about the other 49 states? Close this giant loophole and let Verify conduct your record checks. What a great way to set your business apart from your competitors. It is a win, win for your business.

Diverse group of young, professional applicants smiling across the desk at a young woman conducting an interview with focus on the male African-american applicant who provide a completed background check with his application.


Looking for a job or preparing to ask for a raise? Set yourself apart from others by providing your employer or potential employer with a current background check.

Diverse group of trustworthy volunteers in white t-shirts with gloves, walking, talking and smiling together doing cleanup work.


Not just your permanent staff needs to be screened, but your volunteers as well. Churches, schools, and charities need to consider the ramifications of not screening all of their personnel. Let Verify give you the peace of mind with all your hiring decisions.

Youth group soccer players in blue and white uniforms smiling at female coach who was hired after receiving a cleared background check.


Regardless of what level, coaches spend a considerable amount of time with their team and they can have the most influence on children. Background screening is a must.

Professional athlete, football players face-off at the line of scrimmage in full gear.

Professional Athletes

Want to make sure that the athlete you are about to invest in is of the highest character? Protect your investment and let Verify perform a Behavioral Analysis Interview on potential athletes you are considering bringing to your team. It’s just not a player, it is your brand.