Protection from what can’t be seen.

Background Checks

Verify utilizes an industry leader background check service with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

Behavioral Interviews

Verify’s proprietary interview techniques elicits noteworthy information that record checks just do not capture.

Screening Packages

Verify offers many screening packages to get you the best information based on your specific needs.

Verify Vetting Solutions provides premium background screening services with unmatched quality and customer service. We recognizes the value of extraordinary services and deliver consistent high end screening to clients that are treated as business partners.

Verify provides screening solutions that are simple, straight forward, and legally compliant. Our proprietary Behavioral Analysis Interview is the only screening service that provides indepth insight that a background check alone can not deliver. Verify’s clients range from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, public safety agencies, celebrities within the entertainment industry to parents looking for safe, reliable childcare.

We offer a wide range screening packages to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our Process

Verify eliminates the complexity and confusion of obtaining a background check. All you need to do is email Verify Vetting the name, email address and phone number of the applicant.

Thoroughly vetted EMT, Firefighters and Police on the scene of an accident can be trusted by those in need.

Public Service

Police, Firefighters, EMS…

Trusted caregiver laughing with special needs child.

Daycare & Nursing Home

Protecting your loved ones.

Professional business man working with two new hires that were thoroughly vetted.


Build the best team.

Professional painter that a home owner can trust.

In-Home Companies

Housekeepers, Painters, Babysitters…

Private in-home female chef preparing a meal

Private Service

Private chefs, butlers, nannies…

Trusted young male volunteer smiling as he helps cleanup urban garden


Peace of mind for your organization.

Group of applicants with focus on one smiling young man who provided a background check with his application.


Stand out in a crowd.

Football teams are lined up with focus on a very reputable wide receiver just as the next play starts.


Investing in the best.

A trusted coach in red jacket is instructing smiling young man on how to hold the football to protect it.


From little league to professional.