Background Check

Verify utilizes an industry leader background check service with unrivaled accuracy and speed. Here are the more popular background checks Verify can conduct for your business:

•    Social Security Name Trace and Verification
•    Multi-State (National) Criminal Database
•    County/State Criminal History
•    Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
•    Federal Criminal History
•    Motor Vehicle Record
•    OFAC/Patriot Act Search
•    Global Blacklist
•    National Practitioner Data Bank
•    Fraud and Abuse Control Information System
•    County Civil History
•    Federal Civil History
•    Drug Screening
•    Employment Verification
•    Education Verification
•    Credential Verification

Background Record Check

Offering your clients this Background Record check as a bonus tool to ensure your clients peace of mind will set your company apart from the rest. Below are samples of our Employee Background Record Checks. Verify Vetting can provide you with similar forms to ensure your clients peace of mind prior to the employee arriving at their home.